colostrum pasteurizer machine


The newest model of device is the IG Plus . This device was designed and produced in 2019

IGPLUS pasteurizer destroying all bacterial, fungal, viruses and parasitic pathogens in colostrum or milk and reduces the risk of transmitting them to calves to zero No change in colostrum immunoglobulin levels

  • Has a fully automatic colostrum pasteurization system
  • It has an automatic defrosting system at the selected temperature for frozen dishes without damaging the internal factors of colostrum
  • It has a heating system at the selected temperature to heat the colostrum or milk
  • Ability to adjust the outlet temperature of the colostrum after the pasteurization process
  • Easy washing without the need for profit and acid
  • Easy to move and install
  • 7-inch display with the ability to show the operation chart and operation statistics of the device
  • full Stainless Steel
  • Has a patent certificate
  • In 3 models: Min:3 – Max:15 litr

                                       Min: 4 – Max: 25 litr

                                       Min: 10 – Max: 50 litr

Required facilities: Electricity 220 volts – 50-60Hz – Cold Water Connection

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